CurveDNS Second Public Release: curvedns-0.87

See it as a belated Christmas gift or an early New Year present, whatever you prefer, but we have just released CurveDNS 0.87. It includes some small bug fixes and a few new minor features. The ChangeLog can be found here, while you can download the new release at the download page. Harm’s thesis is also still available at this page. The documentation page has also been updated to introduce the new features.

Finally we would like to wish you all a wonderful and healthy 2011! (Ow, the picture shows some delicious ‘oliebollen‘, whenever you hit Holland don’t leave without trying ;).)

CurveDNS First Public Release: curvedns-0.86

Today we announce the first formal CurveDNS release: 0.86. Download away, and in case of trouble don’t forget to report back to us. More information about installation et cetera can be found on the documentation page.

This entire project is based on a master thesis named ‘Shaping DNS Security with Curves — A Comparative Security Analysis of DNSSEC and DNSCurve’, you can find this thesis at the download page too.

We believe this is the first forwarding DNSCurve solution out there and we hope this sets a new way into the adoption of DNSCurve.